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Share a Slick Tip. Win Cash or a Prize!

"Here’s your chance to help someone become a better woodworker and get rewarded for the effort. The winner of next issue’s Top Tip award will receive a Woodcraft Gift Card worth $250. All others will receive $125 for a published illustrated tip, or $75 for a non-illustrated tip. Published tips become the property of Woodcraft Magazine. Send your ideas to: Tips & Tricks, Woodcraft Magazine, P.O. Box 7020, Parkersburg, WV 26102-7020 or Click here to submit your tip via email."



1. Include photos and/or sketches if necessary. They are almost always helpful and sometimes critical, especially if a specific jig, construction, or set-up of some sort is involved. The pictures don’t have to be perfect—they just have to make sense. Our artist will use them as reference when rendering an appropriate drawing for the column.

2. If your tip is selected for publication, Woodcraft retains exclusive rights to it. That is, it should not show up in a competing publication. Woodcraft also reserves the right to reuse the material in “Best of…” compilations or other related forms. You’ll find that this is standard policy with any magazine regarding Tricks submissions.

3. If a trick is accepted for publication, we’ll let you know what issue it’s slated for. Be aware, though, that occasionally a trick is held back for a subsequent issue due to space constraints or other last-minute adjustments on our end. Regardless of when the trick is actually published, you will be paid upon its acceptance.

4. Important: Please include your mailing address and daytime phone number. We’ll need to know where to mail your payment, and an editor may need to contact you by phone with any questions regarding your submission.

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