Issue 77- June/July 2017 Issue Table of Contents

By: Woodcraft Magazine Team

pg. 21 Desk Caddy
Here’s a good reason to raid your scrap pile. Try out some dadoing and dovetailing tricks while you build an attractive organizer that holds everyday essentials.

pg. 26 Mortising Jig
Designed to work with any plunge router equipped with an edge guide, this nifty jig handles edge and end mortises of all sizes and angles.

pg. 35 River Table
Build your own version of this slab furniture project, which puts square edges on the outside and live edges on a meandering middle path highlighted with tinted glass.

pg. 50 Easy Chair
Bet you can’t build just one! This classic Danish Modern design creates grace and comfort from a collection of angled parts.

Tools & Techniques

pg. 28 Dressing Stock
Want your next project to go more smoothly? Try this expert advice on transforming roughsawn boards into well-selected workpieces that are straight, square, and milled to finished thickness.

pg. 42 Welding for Woodworkers
Get a smart start at combining wood and steel to create your own unique designs.

pg. 10 Famous Furniture - The Maloof Rocker
pg. 08 Profiles - Norm Abrams
pg. 14 Hot New Tools: Bow FeatherPRO
pg. 16
Tips & Tricks
pg. 64 WoodSense: Sapele