Do More with DOMINO

Tim Snyder - 03-15-2017

hen I had my first look at the Domino DF 500, I wasn’t that impressed. The tool’s resemblance to a biscuit joiner left me wondering why Festool would try to compete with well-made tools from Porter-Cable, DeWalt and Lamello. I was in for a surprise. Instead of milling narrow, shallow biscuit slo...

The Square Deal: Get the right angle on equipping your workshop with these important layout tools

Tim Snyder - 01-16-2017

Achieving perfect angles is a common pursuit in woodworking—especially 90° angles. But there’s no such thing as the perfect layout tool to check for square. That’s because the square relationships that occur in woodworking are surprisingly variable. One moment you’re squaring a bandsaw’s ...

Choosing & Using Japanese Saws: Expand your tool arsenal with handsaws that belong to a centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship

Yann Giguere - 07-12-2016

Today I teach Japanese woodworking techniques and take on custom woodworking projects in my Brooklyn studio, but my first exposure to Japanese-style woodworking was entirely accidental. When I began to learn woodworking in a cabinet shop, we worked primarily with power tools. The one handsaw we had ...

A Woodworker's Wish List: Brighten the holidays with these great gifts

Joe Hurst-Wajszczuk - 11-16-2015

Super-stable square $40 Compared to a combination square, the Veritas Sliding Square’s 3"-wide blade provides a more substantial reference face for transferring measurements. With the collar removed, the accurately machined blade is also useful as a flat square. Make your mark $15 ...

Pneumatic Nailers for Woodworking: Ready to go for a gun? Before you pull the trigger, read this.

Joe Hurst-Wajszczuk - 05-11-2015

Since their debut on The New Yankee Workshop, pneumatic nailers have been a popular target for insult-hurling woodworkers, but time has proven that guns aren’t going anywhere. Nails aren’t pretty, nor are they a substitute for traditional joinery, but finish nails, brads, and pins provide a viab...

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