Freestanding LUMBER RACK: A modular solution for storing boards and panels anywhere

Paul Anthony, senior editor - 01-17-2017

These free-standing racks hold both lumber and sheet goods without tying into your shop structure. Being modular, they’ll hold whatever lengths of lumber you commonly use, with the center section accommodating full-sized sheet goods. Each 6'-high × 2'-wide module includes a 7-1/2"-wide space ...

Shelving Hardware For Lumber Storage

Tim Snyder - 09-18-2015

Managing the lumber supply can be a challenge in any woodshop, but it’s a problem worth solving. Otherwise, you end up misplacing boards and working around wood that’s stealing valuable floor space. Offcuts and other short pieces can often reside in boxes or barrels, but what about your l...

Wall-Mounted Tool Cubby Cabinet

By Bill Sands - 07-23-2015

While larger shop machines tend to sit pat until moved by muscle and wheels, smaller tools need persuasion to stay in one spot. At times, drills, nailers, and sanders seem to sprout legs and scramble off as soon as you turn your back on them. If you’ve grown weary of playing hide and seek with y...

A Trio of Benchtop Carts

By Bill Sands - 07-22-2015

One of the secrets to a fully functional benchtop shop is to have an array of mobile carts that suit the tools you own. You should be able to move them out from the wall for service and roll them back when not in use. They should offer built-in storage and let the woodworker conveniently perf...

Custom Hand-Tool Cabinet

Designed and built by Tom Whalley and Written by Marlen Kemmet - 07-21-2015

Save all kinds of shop time by keeping your go-to hand tools, glue, and choice hardware in this dedicated wall-hung cabinet. Two bypass doors spaced 3" apart provide handy surfaces for attaching specialty tool holders, while a perforated hardboard panel at center offers even more hanging opti...

Hand Tool Cabinet: Build a customized home for yout go-to hand tools.

Bill Sands w. Jim Harrold - 05-07-2015

As you expand your collection of quality tools that you depend on for precision work every day, consider housing them in a cabinet that’s part customized storage, part showcase. This clamshell design meets these needs head-on with a variety of mix-and-match tool holding options, drawers in two siz...

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