Put It On Wheels! How to choose & use casters to improve the mobility and versatility of your workshop

Tim Snyder - 05-04-2016

There’s a lot to like about casters. Mobile machinery and workstations make it much easier to give your space a thorough cleaning or refinish the floor. Without straining your back, you can open up a big floor area to accommodate a large project or a new machine. With casters on a workbench and as...

The Up-And-Comers Home Shop

Jim Harrold & Chad McClung - 07-21-2015

Every two years at Woodcraft Magazine, we create a unique home workshop issue for readers wanting to start a shop or improve the one they already have. We first decide on a theme and then follow through by selecting a bare-bones space that serves as our blank slate. We then prep the walls, ce...

Shop Setup Products: Make your space work smarter, better, with these 12 products.

Jim Harrold - 05-11-2015

While this issue offers lots to build in order to create a great home workshop, keep in mind that there’s plenty you can buy to further the effort. Included in this variety pack of problem solvers are wall boards, containers, and racks for specialized storage, tables and stands, and items aimed at...

Next Generation Screw Guide: There's a whole new twist on the latest fasteners

Darrin Lawrence - 05-11-2015

Having worked in the fastener industry a dozen years, it’s hard not to get upset when someone says there’s nothing new in screws. On the one hand, they’ve got a point: the basic design remains unchanged. A 15th century craftsman wouldn’t have any problems driving a 21st century screw. On the...

Masks & Respirators

Chris Hill - 05-08-2015

As woodworkers, we know that our passion can bite us back if we’re not careful. But while spinning bits and blades are easy to see, other threats aren’t so visible. Breathing in airborne particles and chemicals can trigger an immediate allergic response and/or cause respiratory problems. Over ti...

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