Try Cup Hinges For Your Next Cabinet: Learn how to choose, install, and adjust these engineered marvels.

Robert J. Settich - 09-17-2015

They are known by many different names: Euro hinges, cup hinges, 32mm hinges, hidden hinges, and other aliases. Like secret agents, these fascinating bits of hardware do their work quietly and without drawing any attention to themselves. Instead, they keep the accent on your cabinet. In addition to...

Fitting Inset Drawers: Bit-By-Bit For A Perfect Piston Fit

Andy Rae - 05-06-2015

Nothing beats the silky whisper of a wooden drawer moving in and out of a wooden case. It’s a sensation unlike any other, with wood riding against wood in a smooth, fluid movement. When constructed correctly, the drawer slows on a cushion of air as it’s pushed home. When you open it, the vacuum ...

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