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How do I receive an account?
Our Production Director will issue accounts. Please send an email to or call 304-865-5267.
Loading files on the FTP site
Once you have received your account information, you may login using your username and password. Enter the number of files to upload and click the Browse button to find the file you would like to load. After selecting the file, click the Upload Files button. If you are uploading more than one file, continue the process until all files are loaded. After loading your files you should see a confirmation message indicating the file(s) have been loaded. Our Production Director will be automatically notified by email as soon as a file has been loaded.
FTP Site
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Viewing Loaded Files
To view files loaded from your account, click the View Uploads button. File names are displayed along with the date they were loaded on the FTP site. For Assistance You may contact us by emailing our Production Director at or by calling 304-865-5267.

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